Top 10 Recommended Times Tables Games and Resources

Learning the times tables is incredibly hard for some children.  Finding fun ways to make it easier to practice this essential skill can help.  These top ten parent recommended resources, (not in any specific order), could be just what your child needs to fix those difficult facts in their mind:


1. Math Dash Game: Multiplication & Division:

Race to solve multiplication problems and place four playing pieces in a row.  Use strategy and block other players’ moves. Up to eight players can join the race.

 What parents say: “We set the timer for 15-20 minutes, and see who can win the most games within that time. It really helps with math fluency (being able to process the problems in your head quickly).”—T. Horstmann


2. Read Full Article

Full ReportTraditional five by five Bingo game set-up that adapts for increasing skill with multiplication.  This game can be played eight different ways.

What parents say:“One thing I particularly like about this game is that if your child is having trouble with certain groups of facts (such as multiplying by 7’s), you can be sure to call those cards each time to increase the repetition in which they must calculate those problems.” –T. Booth

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referenceDisplaying multiplication tables in a colorful way can help with learning the tables. This poster does just that with times tables bordered by multi-colored boxes making this poster an eye-catching and educational addition to your child’s bedroom wall.

What parents say:“I bought this for my daughter who is in 3rd grade and hung it above her desk in her room. She loves it for helping her with homework.”—T. Deem

4. Placemat:

Kids will eat up their multiplication tables on this colorful placemat. One side is the fact tables and the other can be filled in with a dry erase marker or crayon. We have this and other fun educational placemats in the Faster Times Tables household and my kids love them and use them not only at meal times but to chop and cut up food.

What parents say:“Wow factor!!! Great heavy duty placemat with nice colors.”—R. S. Parent

5. Multiplication Wrap Ups:

These handheld, self-correcting multiplication tutors help students practice tables from 1 X 1 to 10 X 12. The string wraps around the plastic piece and into the correct notches to finish the equations. Handy for kids to carry around and great for car trips!

What parents say: I bought all the math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, fractions) for my students and they are very useful.”—Marie

6. Leap Frog Turbo Twist Math:

Listen to the musical beat, hit to answer and work through the levels.  Kids can jam to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

What parents say:“L-O-V-E this product! I just purchased a Turbo Twist Math for my niece’s 7th birthday. From the moment she got it out of the package it was an instant birthday party hit.”—a customer

7. They Keep Multiplying:

Multiplication facts are at your fingertips with this grid. Press a button with the math fact on it and the answer appears.  The immediate answers are really good for reinforcing learning.

What parents say:“The answer should have been placed higher in the square. Be sure you have good lighting to use for it to be somewhat effective. It is durable for the car and good for trips as long as there is adequate daylight.”—a customer


8. Math War Multiplication Game Cards:

Place cards down on the table and solve the times tables problems. When you have the same fact on the cards a “war” happens and more math fun ensues.

What parents say: “So fun, the kids think it is a game but they are learning the whole time! I bought this for my son age 7 going into 2nd grade so he could get the multiplication tables down. I know they have to really know them in 2nd grade and my friend (a math teacher) recommended this. It has been great fun.”—E. Saunders

9. Learning Resources Totally Tut Math Operations Game:

Draw cards that have addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts on them and cover the Egyptian pyramid with triangle pieces. Strategy is used when swapping numbers with opponents. Many levels of play make this a game to help grow your child’s arithmetic skills for sure.

What parents say:“We love the game. Not only does it help with math skills, it is fun. The game can be played with children that can only add and subtract or you can add in multiplication and division. A great game for the entire family.”—Sugarman


10. Digitz:

The LED screen shows problems and the user presses the colorful paddles to answer.  Times tables skills, multiples and identifying factors are just some of the options that this game offers. Since there is a no fail game strategy, Digitz is great for building confidence.

What parents say:I know multiplication can be difficult for kids and this game has to be the most fun and effective learning tool I’ve ever seen. F. Lusignan


These top ten times table resources can be used in the classroom or in the home.  Teachers, tutors and parents can play these games with their children and laugh right along with them.  Great fun for everyone!

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