10 Cool Times Table Resources from Pinterest

Pinterest, with it’s focus on striking images, is a great site for looking for math resources. Parents and teachers share and tag resources that they’ve used or want to use with their own children. The visual element of the site makes it much quicker to find resources that will appeal to kids.

Here’s a list of 10 Cool Times Table Resources from Pinterest along with a short overview of how to use each one.

1. Multibandz


These are nifty little bands that are worn around your wrist which have the times tables on them. Each band has a different times table. For example, one band will have the 9 times tables and one will have the 12 times tables. Great way for kids to have their times tables on hand!

2. help with my homework on math


This is a great idea to help students learn the times tables. Each folder contains the times table for that number. Get your child to work through each folder or focus on the tricky facts.

3. Times Tables Memory:


Use this easy to play classic memory game to help kids remember their times tables. Match questions to answers of a particular times table, focus on tricky facts or mix in some addition or division facts to make the game easier or harder.

4. 9 Times Tables Tricks:


This trick requires holding all of your fingers up besides the 9th finger and then you will have 8 fingers to the left and 1 to the right to get 9×9=81. Try this with the other 9 times tables facts – it really works!

5. Times Tables Worksheets:


These worksheets are great for all different grade levels. You can print out different multiplication tables for different grade levels from basic to advanced multiplication.

6. Times Tables Bingo:


This is a 39 page book that is filled with Bingo cards that you can use to teach your child the times tables. There are cards for each times table number and there are instructions and also calling cards that will help your child learn multiplication in a fun way.

7. Lory’s Page: Times Tables:


This game requires children to roll two dice and then multiply the sum of the 2 dice by 11 and then place a chip on the answer on the game board. If you roll a 4 you get to put a chip over any square and whoever fills their side first is the winner.

8. Help Your Students Track Their Times Tables:


This fun way to learn multiplication tables is with ice cream scoops. Each scoop has a set of times tables according to the numbers and as soon as your child learns a number such as their 2 times tables, they get that scoop of ice cream.

9. Times Tables Tricks

Source: scribd.com via Jodie on go here

This pin contains tricks for memorizing facts from each times table from the 0’s to the 12’s. Laid out as a grid, print them out and make into pocket flashcards or just keep on hand as a great reminder of how to memorize some tricky facts.

10. Learn Times Tables With an African Rhythm:


This method involves getting creative by drumming along with the rhythm of the clave. You tap on your knees and clap your hands and get into a rhythm.

Pinterest is just another one of the great ways for teachers and parents alike to find creative and fun methods to make learning the multiplication tables fun!

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