10 Parent Approved iPhone and iPad Apps to Help Your Child Ace Those Multiplication Facts

With hundreds of iPad and iPhone times tables apps available on the app store, it can be difficult for parents to work out which apps will actually provide the double whammy of being both of high educational value and fun as well. Here’s a great selection of times tables apps, each of which uses it’s own way of getting children excited about learning the times tables. Parent comments provided courtesy of the educational app review site Fun Educational Apps.

1. Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication

Fun colorful app for ages 5-10 that allows children to be math heroes.  They must rescue the Squeebles from the Nasty Maths Monster  by solving multiplication problems. Contains four game modes to make it easy to find a suitable  challenge.


“It offers a friendly design, great features and option to adjust to each kid’s level. Friendly, engaging and highly educational.”

2. our website 

Kids become the Factor Samurai in order to strike down numbers to their primes.  Numbers keep coming at them, and they have to make sure they don’t strike if the number is prime and do strike if it has factors.

3. http://neupc.ac.uk/

Electronic flash cards show a multiplication fact.  Kids use fingers or a stylus to write the numbers on the screen.  It keeps track of the progress that’s been made. No penalty for wrong answers so keeps kids trying to get the right one.


“For my kids it as a great motivation, and they just wanted to keep on going to improve their time! Not the correct number of answers!”

4. Additional Info

This is a configurable app so your child can play at many levels.  Kids practice their times tables with an animated squirrel in different scenes.  There is a challenge mode and a playing mode.


“The easy to use interface makes this a friendly app that all educators and parents can appreciate. The squirrel in both the challenge and playing mode is very engaging for all students.”

5. more helpful hints

Save the world from the moon monkey invasion. Each mission is set in a different place like the desert or in the city or even out at sea. With fourteen levels and a practice and game play option, it will engage for hours.


“Overall, Invasion of the Moon Monkey is a nice, original and engaging game.”

6. Multiplying Acorns HD – Tasty Math Facts  

The screen shows a calculator. Tap on a number and a squirrel will come with that number of acorns.  Tap a second number and the squirrel will place those acorns in the number of groups and leave the screen.  Users can count the acorns and type the answer or hit the equals button to pick from three numbers.  If the answer is correct, a coin will be deposited in the coin slot.

“It is very well designed, highly interactive and engaging. It offers a unique hands-on approach that truly helps and support independent learning.”

7. Visual Multiplication Table   

This app teaches the tables through a visual of colorful dots arranged in different ways for different times tables.  There are four levels. In the tables section, tapping on the empty space of the equation makes the array of dots configure. There are groups and a solve section, too.


“Use it as tool, explore and see how it can be used with your students. Go over it with them it will help them visualize multiplication.”

8. Math Monkey Game – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication 

This app combines math facts, logic, physics and accuracy. Choose the correct answer to a math fact that makes the monkey throw cupcakes at it.  With forty different levels and an ocean and outer space setting, there will be hours of engagement.


“It allows kids to practice their math fact while playing. Math Monkey Game will be perceived more as a game than a math app!”

9. Monty’s Quest  

Monty is a mouse hungry for his cheese. He must work out his multiplication tables before he can eat.  Since the cheese is at the top of a steep hill, if the answer is not given quickly enough, Monty slides back down.


“Getting Monty up the hill can be done in less than 2 minutes, so a quick round of Monty every day does the trick and helps learning those so important time tables.”

10. 2×2=4  

Pirates make multiplication fun.  Get the correct answer and the cannon on your ship gets ready to fire on the pirate ship.  If you miss the answer, then the pirate ship’s cannon gets set to fire.  Choose the answer by multiple choice or by typing in the answer.


“It offers a fun setting with cannon balls which will engage and motivate your kids. Speed and knowledge are your kids weapon to win the battle.”

There are many clever ways to practice multiplication tables in these top ten times table apps for the iPad and iPhone.  A cool way to make learning the times tables fun while at home or on the go!

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