Are you:

  • A parent whose child is struggling with their times tables and wants to help them to improve?
  • A parent whose child loves arithmetic and wants to encourage them to learn their times tables with confidence?

The Goal of FasterTimesTables.com:

  • To  share quick tips that can be implemented even in a hectic schedule.
  • To give practical advice based on my experiences, my research and my conversations with fellow teachers and parents.

I’ve got a fair amount of ideas about how parents can help their kids with times tables.  Some of them will be what you and your child need.

About me:

An engineer, turned maths teacher, turned Kumon instructor, turned full time mother of 4 children (the school age one’s being in in gifted and talented maths programs at school).

I’m a Brit, but am now an expat in the Middle East.  My daily conversations with fellow expat from countries as diverse as Australia, Pakistan, Egypt, the US and India to name but a few, show the need for a blog to support parents in supporting their own child’s maths in a stress-free way.

So whether your child loves or hates their times tables, whether you love or hate maths and whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes right now, join me at FasterTimesTables.com and let’s start guiding our future mathematicians!

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